Thursday, June 08, 2006
Children are wiser than adults give them credit for

By Dr. Anthony Policastro
Nanticoke Memorial Hospital,
Medical director

One of the things that we do as adults is underestimate the intelligence level of our children. This starts very early in life. Toddlers understand a lot more than they speak. We assume that they only understand what they also express verbally. That is not true. This underestimation continues as children get older. They sometimes surprise us with their level of understanding. They sometimes surprise us with their wisdom. I recently came across something that illustrates this. It was published by a first-grade teacher. She had 25 students in her class. She gave each student the first part of a common proverb. She had them complete the proverb. All 25 came up with an answer. Every answer was more profound than you might expect from a first grader. We need to realize how much our children understand. Sometimes they hear us say things and do not understand them. However, they repeat them. A good example of this is the last one on the list. I hope you enjoy them.

A Bit Of Humor

A first grade teacher had 25 students in her class and she presented each child in her class the first half of a well-known proverb and asked them to come up with the remainder of the proverb. It's hard to believe these were actually done by first graders. Their insight may surprise you.
While reading these, keep in mind that these are first graders – 6-year-olds – because the last one is classic.
1. Don't change horses – until they stop running.
2. Strike while the – bug is close.
3. It's always darkest before – Daylight Saving Time.
4. Never underestimate the power of – termites.
5. You can lead a horse to water but – how?
6. Don't bite the hand that – looks dirty.
7. No news is – impossible.
8. A miss is as good as a – Mr.
9. You can't teach an old dog new – math.
10. If you lie down with dogs, you'll – stink in the morning.
11. Love all, trust – me.
12. The pen is mightier than the – pigs.
13. An idle mind is – the best way to relax.
14. Where there's smoke there's – pollution.
15. Happy the bride who – gets all the presents.
16. A penny saved is – not much.
17. Two's company, three's – the Musketeers.
18. Don't put off until tomorrow what – you put on to go to bed.
19. Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and – you have to blow your nose.
20. There are none so blind as – Stevie Wonder.
21. Children should be seen and not – spanked or grounded.
22. If at first you don't succeed – get new batteries.
23. You get out of something only what you – see in the picture on the box.
24. When the blind lead the blind – get out of the way.
25. Better late than – pregnant.

NHS auxiliary to meet June 14
Members of the Nanticoke Health Services Auxiliary will gather on Wednesday, June 14, at the Seaford Golf and Country Club, for the final meeting of the season. Dan Werner, CEO of Nanticoke Health Services, will be guest speaker and will give an update on happenings at the facility. Lunch will be served at 11:30 a.m., with the speaker and business session to follow. Membership in the auxiliary is open to anyone within the Nanticoke service area. Those interested in becoming involved in the auxiliary are asked to call membership co-chairs, Jan Grantz, 628-8478, or Jane Foskey, 875-5629.

Safe sitter classes to be offered
Safe babysitting classes for girls and boys aged 11 to 13 will be offered at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital. The two-part course will be from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., on June 20 and 22. The Safe Sitter program is a medically-accurate instructional series that teaches youngsters how to handle emergencies when caring for younger children. The cost is $35. Participants are to bring a bag lunch. To register, call 629-6611, ext., 2540.

CompleteRx has deal with NMH
CompleteRx, a national provider of hospital pharmacy management services, has announced a pharmacy management services agreement with Nanticoke Memorial Hospital in Seaford. The agreement guarantees guideline compliance, nursing satisfaction and education. "Nanticoke Memorial is impressed with the work CompleteRx has done in the past," said Mary Beth Waide, vice president of patient care at Nanticoke Memorial, "and we are looking forward to their great ideas and expertise." Founded in 1998, CompleteRx, Ltd., is a privately-held, Houston-based provider of hospital pharmacy management services and staffing for hospital pharmacies with a focus on exemplary patient care and efficient cost-savings processes. CompleteRx is the only hospital pharmacy management company to guarantee both savings and the services they provide. For more information, visit Founded in 1952, Nanticoke Memorial includes extended care, business services, outpatient services, medical centers across Sussex County Delaware, and a host of preventive medicine and health education programs. Nanticoke Memorial is a member of the Maryland Quality Improvement Project, which compares the quality of care among 900 hospitals across the United States, and Nanticoke Memorial consistently receives high ratings within the project. For more information, visit