Gentleman's Club helps Seaford students

By Scott Bleile

Each Wednesday afternoon, male students from Seaford Middle School meet to discuss things that are going on with themselves and in the world. 'We meet every week with these young men to discuss many topics,' said Seaford School Board member Jeffery Benson, who leads the program at the school. 'We bring in speakers and have a workbook that we do lessons from. Today we are revisiting self-image with the students. We are calling today Cuts and Conversation.'
The students meet with local pastors and Seaford's Resource Officer Anthony Andrews. 'The workbook we use is called 'Senses of Leadership' by Harold G. Burnett II,' explained Benson. 'Today our speaker is Jermaine Griffin, a composer and rap artist. He will be the speaker to the group about his life. The students will also be able to get hair cuts provided by Sean Steward and Joseph Fletcher. We want the students to not only feel good about themselves, but also look good.'
'Hey guys, I am Mr. Griff,' Griffin said to the group. 'I have made several records and have written a song called Bible of Love with Snoop Dog. I have lived in Seaford and Lewes. I want you to know that you can do anything you want in life with determination and hard work. I have worked hard to become a composer and enjoy what I do and plus I get to work with big stars.'

Seventh grade students ZiQuon Gamble and Makel Hubbard started off by getting their hair cut by Fletcher and Steward.
'This is really neat,' said Gamble.
'I want to look good inside and outside of school,' said Hubbard.
Also, in attendance were 6th grader, Cam'ron Purnell and 7th graders, Jordan Morris and Taurean Temple, Pastor Mason McGill and Damon Brittingham.
'The students use the workbook to answer questions. For example, write 10 ways you can improve yourself. The students then must pick one of those to work on during the week. The following week we will discuss what they did to improve themselves. This has been a great program and we hope that it will continue.'
'We have learned a lot from our mentors and have fun,' said Temple. Benson and the group of mentors enjoy teaching the students about life. 'We hope this will continue into their adult life,' Benson added.

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