Seaford Police honor citys finest at awards ceremony

By Tony E. Windsor

Seafords Police Chief had the unique honor of presenting his son with the departments most prestigious annual award during a recent awards ceremony held at the Seaford Fire Hall. During the ceremony Police Chief Gary Flood recognized officers and dispatchers with a series of awards culminating from a year of patrol and investigations conducted in the city.

At the end of the annual event, it is customary for the police chief to recognize one officer with the highest honor of the evening, The Police Chiefs Award. While traditionally a roster of candidates are presented to the chief and he makes the final decision, this year Chief Flood enlisted the help of Georgetown Police Chief R. L. Hughes and Darren Short of the Delaware State Police.

This years Chiefs Award was presented to Lt. Steven Flood, Floods son. In making the presentation, Chief Flood commended the officer for a very aggressive year of police work. This officer has distinguished himself this past year by leading the departments tactical team in the execution of 17 search warrants since April of 2015. He was responsible for an organized prostitution operation on Norman Eskridge Highway that included four search warrants being executed along with one vehicle being seized and $7,500 seized as illegal profits. This operation included the Seaford Police Department along with the Department of Justice, the Delaware State Police, the Department of Homeland Safety and the Department of Customs and Immigration, the chief said of Lt. Flood.

Lt. Flood was also credited with being instrumental in the multi-agency investigation along with the Delaware State Police drug unit, which culminated in the largest heroin seizure in the state of Delaware with 79,500 bags of heroin and the execution of four search warrants simultaneously in the city of Seaford.

Chief Flood went on to say that the younger Flood was also instrumental in two undercover prostitution operations in the Market Street area of Seaford, which resulted in 15 arrests. He was also involved in an investigation and execution of a search warrant with the US Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms resulting in the seizure of over 3,000 bags of heroin and handguns, Chief Flood said.

Also recognized during the police awards ceremony was the 2016 Employee of the Year, Pfc. Michael Short, who among other accomplishments, was instrumental in pursuing drug offenders and recovering large quantities of illegal narcotics during his patrol duties. Patrolman First Class Michael Short led the department in DUI arrests with 11 for the year, Flood said. His attitude toward the department and the city and the administration is above reproach. He has grown to be an officer that his superiors and administration have and continue to rely upon.

Receiving the 2016 FBI Trilogy Award is Sgt. Jason Sterner. For the past two years the Seaford Police Department has partnered with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Law Enforcement Executive Development Association (LEEDA) program. The non-profit program has a membershipmade up of chief executive officers of law enforcement agencies, directors and commissioners of public safety, and elected sheriffs throughout the United States and numerous foreign countries.

The mission of the program is to advance the science and art of law enforcement leadership and promote the exchange of information to improve law enforcement management practices through training, education, and networking among police professionals across the United States and beyond.

The Seaford Police Department participates in the organizations executive leadership program known as the FBI Trilogy Program. According to Chief Flood this program is a series of three educational programs that provide mid to upper level management intensive training in the latest management concepts and practices faced by todays law enforcement professionals. He said the courses are taught by executive level law enforcement experts that help engage and prepare participants for command level positions. Sgt. Sterner completed all three courses of supervisory leadership, command leadership and executive leadership to earn the FBI Trilogy Award.

More from the Seaford Police Departments award ceremony will be featured in an upcoming issue of the Seaford Star.

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