Woodbridge kicks off new school year with breakfast

By Scott Bleile

"What a great district we have and one reason is because of everyone in this auditorium!," exclaimed Woodbridge School Board President Mike Breeding. "Our staff does a great job and this shows why this district is more than test scores. We are a great district because of our employees."

Breeding spoke to returning and new staff during a welcome back breakfast on Wednesday, Aug. 24.

"We have many things to be happy about going into this school year," Breeding continued.

"Our test scores are some of the best in the state and we have to thank our staff for all the hard work they do for our students. I want to thank everyone who works in our school for a great job last year, but we still have a lot of work to do going into this year."

Heath Chasanov, Woodbridge School District's superintendent was next to speak. "Test scores are up," Chasanov told the staff. "The middle school had a large increase in test scores and Middle School Principal Tina Morroni was asked to give a presentation to the Delaware Department of Education about what they have done to increase their scores. Every grade level saw gains in test scores. I get calls from all over the state asking me what we are doing to get such an increase. I tell them that is our staff's belief that everyone can do it and that our district, as Mr. Breeding would say, is more than test scores.

Test scores are only one indicator of what this district does best - teaching our students to do their best."

Chasanov announced that several employees will be retiring mid-year.

He then handed out half-moon plaques to Assistant Superintendent Jason Cameron and Director of Student Services Michele Marinucci for winning administrators of the year for their respective positions.

Woodbridge will have new principals at the Woodbridge High School, Woodbridge Early Childhood Education Center and Woodbridge Middle School, where Morroni takes over full-time this year.

Chasanov also told the staff that there will be an art and music teacher in every building this year and the Woodbridge School District will be involved with several Freeman Foundation events this year. "Many of our students cannot attend these events so it's important to bring the arts to them. More information will be coming out about the events."

Chasanov concluded his remarks to the staff stating, "There are two things you can control - effort and attitude. We have a tremendous amount of positive things happening here at Woodbridge right now, and we still have work to do. You guys are making a difference. Please commit to your effort and keep a positive attitude. Have a great school year!"

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