Seaford sets annexation date, salutes Senior League softball team

By Mike McClure

The Seaford Council set a date for its special annexation during its meeting on Tuesday, August 22. The Council also saluted the Nanticoke Senior League Softball team which represented Seaford in the Senior Softball World Series and placed second. The Council voted in favor of a resolution calling for a special annexation election to be held on September 18 from 2 to 6 p.m. at city hall. The proposed annexation of over 600 acres of land has come under fire from residents of the Hearn's Pond area. However, no public comments were taken during Tuesday's meeting. At the end of the meeting one citizen asked if there would be absentee ballots available for residents unable to make it to city hall during election hours. City manager Dolores Slatcher said the town's charter does not provide for absentee ballots during annexation votes, just municipal elections. She added that the times are also predetermined in the charter. The owners of the six parcels up for annexation are Nanette Corey, Ray S. Mears and Sons Inc.; St. Rockland and Company, L.L.C.; Morris Properties, L.L.C.; Tuong T. Quan; and Stephen and Cynthia Yingling. At the beginning of the meeting Mayor Ed Butler presented a resolution to the Nanticoke Little League Senior Softball team which recently placed second in the world. "Saying that we're very proud of you is the least we could say to you," Butler told the team. Manager Mike Riggleman presented the trophy to the city to display. In other business, the Council voted to change its electric rules and regulations to eliminate its budget plan. Under the rules, electric heat homeowners could qualify to be considered budget customers with budgets calculated by the previous 12 months' usage divided by 10.

Slatcher recommended the elimination of the budget program, which is currently used by six citizens, because some of those residents indicated they may not continue to participate in the program. There was also some concern that other plan participants may not be able to pay on time due to rising costs. The city will send letters to the six residents notifying them of the end of this program. Kurt Riley of Property Tax Associates made his recommendations on a pair of real estate property tax appeals which were made on tax appeal night recently. Riley recommended the reduction of the estimate on Jennings Wooters' property from $80,000 to $66,800 because an addition put on in 1995 was valued at a higher rate than it should have been. Riley recommended no change in the estimate on Laurie Williams' property. The Council voted in favor of both recommendations. The Council discussed the proposed installation of an electric information sign at Nutter Park. The city received three bids on the project with the low bid coming at a cost of $24,518.50. Additional costs would include the following: $27.50 per month for the phone line, $50 to turn on the phone line from the demark, $120/hour labor cost to extend phone line to structure, engineering costs if an underground phone cable is used, $100 for electrical materials including wire, box, and receptacle. With only $12,000 budgeted for the project, Councilman Mike Vincent proposed rejecting all bids because of the high cost. The Council voted 4-1 to reject the bids with Councilwoman Pat Jones voting against Vincent's motion. In old business, the Council voted in favor of Orient Corporation of America's (111 Park Avenue) request for a final site plan review for a 12,000 sq. ft. research and development building to be constructed on the west side of Park Avenue directly across from the existing facility. The issue had been tabled on July 25 until all agency approvals were received. The city received a letter from the city of Dover (issued to all municipalities with electric companies) requesting support for its proposal for the governor to reduce the state utility tax as a way to assist businesses in paying utility bills. The Council voted in favor of sending a letter to the governor stating that the value of the proposal would be $106,613.29 for Seaford's customers. Seaford's Night Out, which is coordinated by the Seaford Police Department, will be held on September 21. Jones called the recent AFRAM Festival a success. She added that plans will soon be in the works for the 10th annual edition of the event and that it may be outgrowing Nutter Park.

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