Annual 'Light It Up Blue' ceremony held in Seaford

By Mike McClure

The tradition of 'Light It Up Blue' began in 2012. Once again this year the annual ceremony, which is held to promote Autism awareness, was held at Gateway Park in Seaford. Prior to the start of last Friday's ceremony, the band JustUs, performed a concert. Then Seaford Mayor David Genshaw, Sussex County Council President Mike Vincent, and State Representative Danny Short made presentations marking World Autism Awareness Day. 'This is pretty unique and important,' Short said of the ceremony. 'It just proves to me that with heart and dedication and good support from a family, you can get things done', Short said of JustUs.

The annual ceremony is made possible through the efforts of Marsha and Carlyle Windley along with the City of Seaford and several area businesses. The event has many purposes including bringing awareness of Autism for additional research and to help those with Autism deal with life. It's also meant to giving the general population a better understanding of the community of Autism.
'It really does our hearts well to see this much support and caring in the community', Carlyle Windley said. 'We have everything to gain through inclusion of these unique and fitted thinkers'.
According to Windley, one in 68 kids is affected by Autism.

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