Woodbridge High School class of 2015 grads open the next chapter

By Lynn Schofer

Commencement was held for the Woodbridge Senior High graduating Class of 2015 on Sunday at the new Woodbridge High School auditorium.

The 114 seniors collected over 90 honors and awards and included members of the National Honor Society, National Language Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, Tri-M Honor Society, National Business Honor Society, and International Thespian Society.

"Today is a very important step in our lives," Salutatorian Terrence Knox said in his address to the class. "We must constantly try to improve ourselves not only for ourselves but to help others do the same."

Russell Bean, an educator for 31 years, said in his introduction of Valedictorian Jedidiah S. Chung, "It is Jedidiah's life to strive hard, to work hard. He came to America and became a complete embodiment of what this country represents."

Bean acknowledged Chung's parents, "Jedidiah is of strong mind, strong body, and incredibly strong foundation provided by two parents."

In Chung's address to the class he said, "As we come to the closure of our high school careers, we are faced with the dilemma of what to do next. Whatever you chose, greater efforts yield greater results. I believe true happiness comes when one perseveres and overcomes enormous obstacles both personally and academically."

Class Vice-President Emily Messick presented the class gift to high school principal Robert D. Adams, which included a banner for the flag pole with the Woodbridge High School logo. "We want to thank Woodbridge for all they have done to prepare us for the future," Messick said.

Adams gave a top five list of remembrance of the class of 2015 which included christening the new high school, four years of phenomenal musicals, stand out athletes, and said, "This class thought big and they achieved big. No matter what you may become, success depends upon being in the right place, at the right time, and doing the right thing."

Class President Jordan Clark presented the farewell address sharing, "We entered high school curious children, today we are ready to graduate. We are a group of young adults ready to start our lives."

Superintendent Heath Chasanov completed the acceptance of the class of 2015, "Two things that will always be true, you will always be a member of the first class to graduate from the new high school and you will always be a Blue Raider."

The Woodbridge class of 2015 officers are Clark (President), Messick (Vice-President), Hailey Andrews (Secretary), Alonnah Haynes (Treasurer), and Nakayla Kilgo (Historian).

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