'Time to mend broken hearts'

By Ronald MacArthur

First Sgt. Henry Fields of Bridgeville, a veteran of the war in Iraq, told the large crowd assembled for the Seaford Memorial Day ceremony on Monday in Kiwanis Park that the time to mend hearts in Seaford has come. "There are a lot of broken hearts in Seaford today," he said. He was referring to the recent loss of two young Seaford Marines, Cpl. Cory Palmer and Lance Cpl. Rick James (both of their funerals were last week). "God wants to mend those hearts and he wants to mend them with people like you and me showing love to one another," he added. "The time has come for us to come together as a family and stand as one nation under God. It's my prayer that the healing begins in Seaford.

"You are here today because you care; you are here today because you love one another; you are here because you appreciate freedom. We all know that there is a price for freedom and sacrifices have to be made; some make more than others," he said. He ended his talk by leading the crowd in singing "Amazing Grace." The Seaford Veterans Committee, hosts of the event, presented Danna and Charles Palmer with Gold Star pins at the beginning of the ceremony. Marge Lloyd was the other Gold Star Mother in attendance (Gold Star Mothers are mothers who have lost a son in battle). Dick Drummond, chairman of the veterans committee, announced that there are 575 bricks on the veterans walk in Kiwanis Park. Bricks are available to any veteran by contacting Drummond at 629-7861.

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