Seaford mother walks for 40 miles in the rain for her son

By Rebecca J. Davis

Despite the day long rain last Saturday, Seaford resident Brooke Lyons walked 40 miles from her home in Seaford to the Legislative Hall in Dover to bring awareness to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).

Lyons 2-year-old son, Ryker, was diagnosed with DMD when he was 14 months old. DMD is a cellular mutation disease that causes the quick break down of a persons muscles, including their heart, and replacing it with scar tissue. Lyons chose to travel to the Legislative Hall to support the reauthorization of the Muscular Dystrophy CARE Act, which focuses on research and therapies to cure DMD among other muscular diseases, and is up for renewal.

Before starting on her trip at 6 a.m., Lyons stated that she was excited and that she would travel up Oak Road and stay on Route 13. She brought a supply bag with her which included protein, water, energy drinks and plenty of extra socks. She was followed by at least two support vehicles the entire trip.

Lyons trip took 13 and a half hours, she stopped every four miles for a 10 minute rest. From Route 13, Lyons walked up South Governors Avenue to the Legislative Hall steps.

She crossed the finish line (which was decorated with a ribbon and balloons) at Legislative Hall at 7:30 p.m. to the applause of those gathered there. The dedicated crowd of 25 individuals including family, friends and supporters, stood in the rain as Lyons celebrated her accomplishment. Her son Ryker also attended.

I did it, she yelled enthusiastically to the crowd after completing her 40 mile walk through the rain. This is one of the hardest things Ive ever done but its worth it. Ryker deserves to live. I feel awesome and I wouldnt have made it without my family and friends.

I think what Brooke is doing is amazing and wonderful, Brookes mother, Lisa Moran said. Shes a strong person. I dont know where she gets the strength. We would do anything for our child, anything that would give us a chance at a cure.

Lyons grandfather David Nayloi stated that Lyons accomplishment was wonderful, inspiring and humbling.

For more information about Brooke Lyons journey to bring awareness to DMD, call 382-2389 or email

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