Dr. Joseph begins work in Seaford as superintendent

By Lynn R. Parks

Dr. Shawn Joseph, who took over as superintendent of the Seaford School District last week, intends to engage the community in plotting a plan for student success. Last Wednesday, his first day on the job, he told a gathering of reporters, administrators and school board members that no plan that he comes up with will work if it doesnt have the broad support of the community.

Board president Suzanne Farris echoed his words. The community closeness that we felt during our superintendents search, we want to continue, she said. Throughout that search, members of the community were invited to participate in focus groups that met with representatives of the company hired to conduct the search as well as with the three finalists, including Joseph.

Weve heard that the community really enjoyed that process, Farris said. We want something like it to continue. Everyone working in cooperation; thats what Seaford needs right now.

Joseph said that he will include the students and the teachers association in the conversation. He will work with the teachers association in devising a plan to improve student test scores, he said, and intended to meet with representatives of the high schools student government association.

I want to hear from our children and I want them to know that we are here to serve them, he said.

He also wants to hear from members of the business community. The school district is a big economic engine for our community and it is in our best interests to hear from the business community about their hopes and dreams, he said.

As he has before, Dr. Joseph complimented the Seaford community on the warm welcome that he has received since being hired. You can see that outstanding warmth in the eyes of our children, he said. You can also see in our childrens eyes the excellence that is waiting to be unleashed on the world.

He said that Farris has made it absolutely clear that my charge is to make sure that all of our students recognize their potential. He added, We want to make sure that Seafords best days are ahead. We will be doing all that we can do to support student achievement.

Joseph said that he is thrilled to be part of the Seaford School District. He appreciates the serious of his position but at the same time seems to be relishing the challenge that he faces. Im like Chef Ramsey of the Seaford School District, he said. Without the profanity.

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