Sussex County voters provide edge for O'Donnell, Urquhart

Booth wins close race against Bodenweiser

Sussex County GOP voters came out strong in support of Christine O'Donnell for US Senator and Glen Urquhart for US Representative in Tuesday's Primary Election.

Statewide, O'Donnell won with 53% of the vote, but in Sussex her percentage was 65%. She won by a statewide count of 3,540 votes. In Sussex the margin over Mike Castle was 5,429 votes.

Urquhart won the GOP Primary by a slim statewide margin of 552 votes, but in Sussex the margin was 4,193 votes. Joseph Booth edged out Eric Bodenweiser in the GOP 19th District State Senate race with a margin of 120 votes. Total votes were 2,157 to 2,037. In the Democratic races Chip Flowers collected 18,841 votes to beat Velda Jones-Potter (15,880 votes) in his bid for State Treasurer.

Richard Korn won statewide by a vote of 17,639 to 15,097 over Kenneth Matlusky in the race for state Auditor of Accounts.

(Matlusky had 30 more votes than Korn in Sussex County, 3,231 to 3,201.)

In the Sussex County Democratic race for Recorder of Deeds John Brady won by a margin of 806 votes over Alma Roach. The count was 3,785 o 2,979.

The Tea Party had pumped a lot of money into O'Donnell's race in the final stretch and Sarah Palin endorsed her candidacy. O'Donnell will face Democrat Chris Coons in the US Senate race. O'Donnell's task now is to try to reunite the GOP that has become sharply divided in the heated Primary Election race.

O'Donnell faced sharp criticism from the GOP leadership during the campaigning and will need to depend on the Tea Party rather than the GOP leadership in her quest to win the Senate seat, formerly held by Vice President Joe Biden.

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