Delmar Events
Thursday, November 18th. 1999
Delmar High honors veterans
By Faith Melvin
On Nov. 11, Delmar High School paid tribute to veterans. Throughout the day, students were asked to reflect on the importance of veterans in the community. Poems were read, cards were made for the VFW and a moment of silence was observed.
At 10:59 a.m., members of the music department, who were standing throughout the school, played Taps. As the tune echoed through the halls, teachers and students were asked to recognize a moment of silence.
There are four veterans on staff at the high school: David A. Burton, 1st INF Army and a veteran of Vietnam; Dale Harper, 10th Special Forces Group, Army, and a veteran of Bosnia; Garland Hayward, Navy Reserve; and William Mills, military intelligence, Air Force Reserve.
Former teacher George Leong served during World War II in the 1st Infantry Army.
In addition, many graduates of Delmar High School have served in the military, several as recently as the Gulf War.
DHS was also represented in World War II and Vietnam. David A. Burton, who spoke to the students about his experiences, served in Vietnam.
After his talk, the students gave him a card and an ovation.
Delmar team wins competition
On Nov. 3, in a televised, competition in Dover, the Delmar High School Quiz Bowl Team, led by captain Sarah Newhouse, defeated Woodbridge, 285 to 85.
Opening and taking the lead, Travis Hubbard captured two toss-up questions. Subsequent plays included questions dealing with history, government, science, music and foreign languages, handled by Russell Arnold and Jack Good.
The team led in the lightning round physics category with members nabbing six out of eight responses dealing with items ranging from electron shells to Archimedes' experiments. Jack Good was leading scorer for the team, with more than 120 points. Coaches are Joanne Czemik and Nancy Newhouse.