Bridgeville Events
Thursday, November 16th, 2000

Conaway to run for town council
Joe Conaway, long-time participant in area politics, has announced his intention to run for Bridgeville Town Council. He will soon be filing with the town his letter of intention to run for one of two two-year seats that will be decided by voters on Jan. 13. In addition, two other Bridgeville residents, William Jefferson and Patsy Correll, will run for the other two-year seat and for the one-year seat that will be up for grabs. "We are running as a team," Conaway said. "In order to accomplish anything, to change the direction of the town, it is required that there be an agenda. We want to take our town back, to correct the problems that we face." Conaway said that townspeople have asked him to run. "The only reason this is occurring is the number of people who have asked us to stop the financial fiasco that the town is facing," he said. "It is bad, much worse than anybody knows." For several months, Conaway and commission president Jack Dalton, whose two-year term will be up, have engaged in a battle in the newspapers over Bridgeville's financial condition. Dalton has said that the town is in good shape.

"We want to correct the town's financial problems, not on the back of the taxpayer hopefully but by correcting the situations that have been allowed to fester," Conaway said. "I am not going to say that the people on the commission are bad people. They are just not doing what they were elected to do." "I want to get the town back to its citizens," said Jefferson. Dalton said on Monday that he is pretty positive that he will seek re-election to his seat. Charles Singman and Glenn Miles, whose terms will also be up, said that they are undecided. Deadline to file with town hall to run is Dec. 15. Candidates must be 21, must be a resident of Delaware and a resident of the town whose taxes are not in arrears. They must also own property in the town. To vote in the election, citizens must be 18 and must be a resident of the town. They must also register with the town. Registrations are good only as long as the person votes. If two elections are missed, the registration is invalidated. Deadline to register to vote is 4:30 p.m. on Jan. 3. For details, call the town hall, 337-7135.