Delmar Events
Thursday, October 28th. 1999
Team looks at ways to improve school
By Faith Melvin
On the weekend of Oct. 15, Delmar's School Improvement Team met in Ocean City at the Princess Royale to discuss ways to improve the Delmar School District. The team has been in existence for approximately two years and is being looked at as a pilot for the schools in the state.
The state is mandating that all schools have an improvement team in place by next year. The team consists of community members, teachers, administrators and board members. The school received a $25,000 grant to fund the team.
At the retreat in Ocean City, approximately 25 members met to establish goals for the team this coming year. Five goals were set. First, the team recognized academic excellence as a goal for the district in the next coming year.
Next, the team felt that Delmar students should be ready to leave high school prepared for a vocational trade. Some of the students will enter the work force immediately after graduation and they need to be ready for that step. Delmar already has several programs in place such as co-op for seniors and a newly formed partnership with several technical schools in the area that have agreed to accept some Delmar High School credits.
Third, safety was discussed. With the recent attention given to school violence, the team looked at ways to make Delmar students safer.
Community involvement was also identified as a goal. Delmar is a community school and realizes that it needs community involvement to grow in the next millennium.
Finally, the team recognized effective leadership as an important component to improvement. The district will strive for a faculty that represents leadership, creativity and morality. The team felt it was important for Delmar students to see these qualities in their staff.
Presenters attended the retreat from the state level in order to help the team establish the goals.
More meetings will be held to finish what the team started.
Board members and administrators who were present said it was a great success.
The team will have to produce a report for the state based on their discussions.
Delmar is being considered for a new state grant in the amount of $300,000; part of the requirement for that grant is to have a school improvement team in place.
That grant can be used to create partnerships and meet standards as well as other areas to benefit the students.