Bridgeville Events
Thursday, October 21st. 1999
Annexation, new library are discussed
By Bill McCauley
The newly-formed Bridgeville Planning and Zoning Commission held an organizational meeting at town hall Thursday, Oct. 14. Mayor Jack Dalton said afterward, "We're being asked to consider a major annexation to the town and it's the job of the Planning & Zoning Commission to make sure that it is accomplished. We need to be sure we have the infrastructure in place to service that type of residential and commercial development. So the plans we are making now are going to determine what the quality of life will be in Bridgeville in the future.
"One thing that has been expressed as an outstanding need is a new library. It is not too early for us to start plans for an undertaking of that magnitude."
Teachers meet with book consultant, discuss series
By Bill McCauley
Woodbridge teachers for kindergarten through the sixth grade met with Harcourt School Publications consultant, Jane Kennedy, of Baltimore at the elementary school recently.
This fall, Woodbridge began implementing a language arts program called Signatures which it had purchased last spring. Teachers had the opportunity to discuss the new program with Kennedy and with each other. Kennedy answered questions and led discussion in her role as company representative.
Among the questions the teachers asked Kennedy were: How do we use the program to get students ready for the Delaware State Assessment Test? How do we use it to meet the needs of diverse students who have differing levels of learning strengths? How can all of the components work together?
The afternoon offered teachers the opportunity to share with each other successes they are having with the program.