Delmar Events
Thursday, October 7, 2004
Delmar Casino Night
Delmar Fire Department Casino Night, Saturday, Oct. 9, 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. Oyster sandwiches, drafts, cold cuts. Must be 21 years old. $7 a person.

Delmar Class of 1969
In celebration of their 35-year class reunion, the Delmar High School Class of 1969 is inviting the public to a dance at the Delmar VFW, Saturday, Oct. 16, at 9 p.m., with DJ services of “The Jumping Jukebox.” Tickets are available at the door for $10 per couple. Call Jean Maloney, 875-2337, or Rennie Brittingham, 846-3061.
Coach, parks & rec head are top Delmar citizens
By Tony Russo
The Delmar Chamber of Commerce announced its selection for Citizen of the Year. For the first time since the award’s inception, the chamber chose to honor two citizens in the same year, David Hearn and Ron Wilcosz. According to Lisa Ellis, chairwoman of the Citizen of the Year nominating committee, “We felt that because of their contributions and their dedication to the community that they were both notable recipients.” Hearn is the Delmar High School athletic director, and Wilcosz is head of Delmar Parks and Recreation. When contacted about the award, Hearn was at a loss to explain why, after a 1-win, 9-loss season on the heels of a 35-game winning streak, he would be singled out for his contribution. Similarly, Wilcosz said, “This is one of the years I’ve had to be able to rely on other people. It’s a shame it can’t be a community award.” This point was brought out by Wilcosz when he talked about how he came to be involved with parks and recreation. His primary interest was improving the condition of the outfield at the burgeoning Mason-Dixon Sports Complex. He left the first meeting he attended, more than ten years ago, not with a promise that things would improve but a mandate to improve them. With this experience in mind, he speaks passionately about citizen involvement. “That’s been our number one goal, getting people out,” he said. “We’ve had great support.” Hearn tells a story that both men agree sums up their approach to community-building. Earlier this year, Tony Triglia, a former player and long time fan of the Delmar Wildcats, passed away. “The day of his funeral, we took our players out at lunchtime and the funeral procession came past the football field,” Hearn said. “I had the players line up in their orange jerseys in front of the school building. What we were teaching these kids is that...he played here and continued to be loyal to his school...and how much it means to the former players.” Both Hearn and Wilcosz try to teach the youngsters with whom they work the idea that one ought to live up to the expectations of those past and set an example for the future. As Hearn points out, “If you don’t work at that it disappears.” The two men will be honored at a ceremony at the Delmar VFW on Thursday, Oct. 28. Tickets are only available in advance and may be purchased in Delmar at The Bank of Delmarva, Wilmington Trust, The Cookie Bouquet, PCS Homes in Wood Creek, and the Delmar Town Hall. The price is $15.