Co-op CEO flees hotel after World Trade Center attacks

Paul Bienvenue holds a copy of the USA Today with the cover photo of the World Trade Center attacks. Bienvenue was in the building that appears in the lower left of front page when the photo was taken. Earlier, he had been reading the Sept. 11, 2001 edition of USA Today, never dreaming that the hotel he was staying in would appear on the cover of the next edition. Bienvenue was in the lobby of the hotel when the second jetliner hit the WTC.

Photo by Michael Sullivan

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Patriotic Concert rescheduled - Because of last Thursday’s rain, Seaford Main Street postponed its final 2001 concert. The Concert in the (Gateway) Park is this Thursday, Sept. 27. The concert will begin at 7 p.m. and will feature “Just Forgiven,” the duo consisting of Robin Marine and Rob Harman. The concert is free. Come out and enjoy an evening of contemporary Christian music. Bring your United States Flags and candles to make this a celebration of patriotism and remembrance.

Golf tournament - Woodland’s tournament is this Saturday, Sept. 29. For details or to register call 629-4870.

Auto Alley - DelDOT was in Bridgeville last week to find out how residents feel about plans for US 13 and other improvements. Page 12

Christian Festival - Organizers are looking forward to this year’s festival. Page 3

Apple Scrapple - Bridgeville is preparing for its 10th annual festival. Page 4

House Tour - The St. John’s House Tour is coming next Thursday. Details in Home Improvement section in this edition.