Delmar Events
Thursday, September 23rd. 1999
School faces changes as new century nears
By Faith Melvin
As Delmar Jr.-Sr. High School enters the 21st century, it faces many changes. DHS has added new faces and is currently in the process of adding a new building.
Vickie McLain joins the Wildcats as the new ninth-grade English teacher. Ralph Amstrong is doing double duty teaching math and physical science.
Mrs. Mills joins the team teaching eighth grade math. She is no stranger to the halls of DHS. She's returning to her alma mater.
Some of you may have seen J. R. Lapearl on Friday nights coaching the cheerleaders. Now, you can find him in the Wildcat shop.
Wayne Smith can also be found on the field Friday nights during half-time. He is assisting with the band and directing the Color Guard. He is also taking over the YELL (Youth to Eliminate Loss of Life) club.
Another Wildcat, Jonathan Layton, is also returning to his stomping grounds, but this time as a business teacher.
Dale Harper can be found policing the hallways this year. He joins the discipline and team and is helping with the discipline problems and many other jobs.
In addition to new faculty, DHS is putting new policies into place. The campus is now smoke-free all the time. This is not new for students because DHS has not allowed students to smoke on school grounds for several years. The change is that there is no smoking by anyone, anytime. This includes sporting events. DHS is also piloting a new computer system, Pentamation, that will handle attendance and discipline procedures.
As if these changes weren't enough, DHS is expecting to move mid-year. The middle school will enter its new home and classrooms in the "new" wing, built in 1974. They will be moving to the old building until renovations are complete in that wing. If everything goes according to plan, the Wildcats will have a new lair in September 2000.