Bridgeville Events
Thursday, September 21st, 2000

Town defends its police department
By Ronda Frances Jefferson

During September's town commissioners meeting, Bridgeville Police Commissioner Charles Singman defended his police department against some letters written by town residents. One concern expressed in the letters was that during a recent robbery, the state police arrived at the scene of the crime before the Bridgeville police did. This was because the state police were already in the area as the robbery when the call came in, Singman said. Bridgeville police arrived only a minute or two later, he added.

Another item addressed in a letter was that during a recent storm, all three police officers were on duty. The three police officers were mandated to be on duty by the state so they could be on the lookout for aggressive drivers, Singman said. Since this was state mandated, they were paid with state funds, not town funds.

There was also concern about a recent rash of tires being slashed. The police have made several arrests in this matter, Singman said. Some residents think that the state police should patrol the area and the town police department should be disbanded. But in recent weeks, Singman said, Officer Anthony Powell made a drug arrest, Officer Kevin Wix confiscated 467 grams of marijuana and Officer Chuck Manuseck arrested a suspect in the Grape and Grain robbery. Also, the state police patrol the area 20 hours a week and when they are called as needed, he said.

Expenses are reduced

In other town business, the commissioners discussed the budget. While originally the budget was showing a deficit, the commissioners and an auditor have reviewed the budget and have made some changes so that the town budget balances. These changes include delaying updating heating and air conditioning in town hall (savings of approximately $10,000), delaying building a salt and sand building (savings of approximately $20,000) and changing the health plan for town employees from Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan nine to plan eight.
Also discussed during the meeting was garbage collection by the town. While residents can still choose to have private garbage collection, they can expect to save with town collection, commissioners said. Currently, the town is in the bid process and has sent out memos for clarification on some points from the bidders. It has also asked for references. The bill for the garbage collection will appear as a separate line item on the water and sewer bill. If the garbage bill is not paid, water service can be discontinued. This is a voluntary program, but the town needs at least 250 people. Those who are interested in signing up or in learning more about it, may call town hall.
Trick or treating will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 31 from 6 to 8 p.m.