Bridgeville Events
Thursday, September 9th. 1999
School is in full swing in district
By Bill McCauley
Wednesday, Sept. 1, was the first day of school for Woodbridge district public school students with an abbreviated schedule. Sept. 2 was the first full day of school.
Teachers started a week earlier. New teacher orientation took place on Aug. 25, starting with a bus trip through the Woodbridge School District showing them the highlights. David Winski had them under his charge during the bus tour.
Administration joined with the teachers for luncheon following the morning bus tour. The afternoon saw the teachers spending time with their mentors. It is the practice at Woodbridge that new teachers have at least two years with a mentor.
An orientation was held between the hours of 5-7 p.m. for all incoming seventh graders and their parents.
On Thursday, Aug. 26, all the teaching staff assembled at 8 a.m. for a district-wide breakfast with guest speaker the Rev. Willie Savage.
Following breakfast, Woodbridge Education Association officers conducted a meeting. The afternoon gave principals the opportunity to hold meetings with their respective teachers.
Friday, Aug. 27, was given over for an entire workday enabling teachers to accomplish tasks in their classrooms. Monday, Aug. 30, was professional development day. Tuesday, Aug. 31, was another teacher workday with meetings on curriculum.
On Wednesday, Sept. 1, teachers and students met each other for the first time this semester.
Woodbridge School District competed for and won a federal grant for a program call “Gear Up.” It is directed to seventh grade students in school districts throughout the nation that demonstrated special need.