Delmar Events
Thursday, August 26th. 1999
Delmar school are set to open Sept. 1

Delmar Junior-Senior High School opens Wednesday, Sept. 1, at 8:05 a.m. School will be in session through Thursday, Sept. 2. School will be closed for the Labor Day weekend Friday, Sept. 3, through Monday, Sept. 6, and will reopen Tuesday, Sept. 7. Students need to be in their first period class (homeroom on opening day) by 8:12 a.m.

According to Delmar's principal, Jay Green, "The biggest change for the new school year is our new student tracking system." The Delmar School District is one of six districts in the state selected to pilot this new computer system. All student information (registration, scheduling, attendance, grading, progress reports, transcripts, etc.) will run through a state maintained server and will allow the state to retrieve information as needed and hopefully eliminate some of the district's reporting obligations. Secretaries Sue Weber and Chris Ross have been to training sessions this summer preparing for the conversion to the computerized system.

A part of the new accountability system being established through the state legislature, state assessment tests will be administered in the spring to tenth graders. In order to be promoted every student in grades 7-12 must pass English. Those students who fail English must attend a summer remediation program or be retained. Students may not be retained more than two years at any grade level. This requirement will be an addition to the district's current promotion policy.

With the new construction, parking continues to be a major problem. Again this year, there will be no student parking on school property. With the three middle school wings fully enclosed, it is projected that seventh and eighth grade students will be in their new classrooms by November. According to superintendent Dr. George Stone, with the projected completion date of the entire school as March 2000, "high school students will be moving as the new building is completed unless it is fairly close the end of the 1999-2000 school year."

Demolition of the existing building will begin soon after the complete movement of all 7-12 graders into the new building. Complete occupation of the new building is planned for the fall of 2000 with the addition of the sixth grade to Delaware in September 2000.

Green notes that, "a new state guideline permits students to have quick relief asthmatic inhalers in their possession and to use them during school hours." The purpose of this amendment is to exempt asthmatic inhalers from the phrase in the regulation that forbids students to be in possession of a drug or drug like substance. The amendment requires that a prescription for the drug and parent's permission for the student to self medicate be on record in the school nurse's office. It also permits the school nurse to refuse to let the child carry his or her own quick relief asthmatic inhaler if necessary.

Delmar has employed four new teachers: Judy Mills (eighth-grade math), Vicky McLain (ninth-grade English/language arts), Wayne Smith (vocal instruction in the music department) and John Layton eighth-grade key boarding/document formatting in the business department). Gail Fooks (business) and Leslie Carney (math) will move from the middle school to the high school. Carol Phipps will move from ninth-grade English to tenth-grade English. Delmar is interviewing for an additional nine- and tenth-grade math teacher and a technology teacher.

Delmar also welcomes staff members to the following leadership positions. Department coordinators for the 1999-2000 school year will be Bill Fowler (social studies), Bill Mills (science), Charity Phillips (math), Carol Phipps (English/language arts), Becky Kelly (special education), Daria Hofmann (business/vocational), Juley Harper (eighth-grade team leader), Janie Phillips (seventh-grade team leader), and Claudia Franceschi (guidance/testing coordinator).

Homerooms will be posted on the outside marquee by Aug. 27. Students will be asked to report to their homeroom on the first day of school.

Cafeteria prices will remain the same for the 1999-2000 school year. Breakfast is 65 cents and student lunches are $1.15.

Orientation for new seventh grade students and parents will be Monday, Aug. 30, at 7 p.m. in the high school auditorium.

Delmar students enrolled in Tech Algebra Geometry I with Ms. Thompson and Mrs. Kelly will have an orientation meeting for parents and students in the Core-Plus Math Project on Thursday, Sept. 9, at 7 p.m. in room 208.

Teacher in-service days are Aug. 30 and 31.