Clearing the way.

The building at 412 High Street, Seaford, which has housed such businesses as the High Street Lounge, the Oak Rail Restaurant and Lounge and a baseball card and sports collectibles shop, was burned early Sunday to make way for a new building.
Scenes for ‘Night Out’ on page 16.
Burglary suspects held - Seaford Police have arrested six suspects in connection with a series of burglaries and assaults. Page 5
Woodland prepares - The people of Woodland are preparing to show off their scenic and historic village along the Nanticoke River. Page 17
What is an emergency? - How do you know when to use the 911 emergency line to call for help? There are some heart attack symptoms that should send a clear warning. Page 12.
Festival - The Fifth Annual African-American Festival was held over the past weekend in Seaford. See photo glimpses on page 34.