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Thursday, July 29. 1999
Winski first volunteered as a high school senior
By Bill McCauley

David Winski's membership in the Bridgeville Volunteer Fire Co. dates from 1977, the year after he and his family moved to Bridgeville. But his introduction to fire fighting came some years before that when he was a high school student in his hometown of Clark Summit in northeastern Pennsylvania. There in his senior year young Winski and three other seniors were admitted as regulars to the town's volunteer fire company in which his father and an uncle had earlier served. Winski said that if the fire siren blew when he was in class, he and his three classmates were all immediately excused to go to the fire hall. If it blew at night when snug in bed, he arose as others did.
Winski graduated from high school in 1960 and went on to attend nearby University of Scranton while living at home. He continued his membership with the Clark Summit Fire Co. although he no longer left class at the sound of the alarm, being too far away to even hear it.
"This was long before you had pagers," Winski said. "For members who lived too far out to hear the siren, someone would call them on the telephone. Two-way radios were just being installed in vehicles."
And there have been other changes since the 1960s. "Firemen's gear has improved a hundred times over," he said. "Coats, boots and helmets give much better protection." Air masks were a rarity then and Winski recalls riding on the back of fire trucks. "That seemed a lot of fun but I'm glad we don't have anybody riding the tailboard any more. It was fun but it was dangerous."
Winski graduated in 1964 from the University of Scranton with a major in elementary education and got married the following July. He and his wife, Marion, just celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary. They have three children and make their home on Sussex Avenue in Bridgeville.
Since his graduation he has earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Delaware in education administration.
Of those early years as a young man in Pennsylvania, Winski remembers fire hydrants freezing. It would have been very bad if, under those conditions, another fire had broken out in the same area.

"There were many situations when the fire-ground became very icy," he said. Of the other three seniors who served with him in Clark Summit Volunteer Fire Co., one is a school administrator and two are local businessmen.
Winski stayed out of fire service from his graduation from university in 1964 until his joining the Bridgeville Fire Co. in 1977. During those years the Winskis lived in Dover.
For the past 15 years, Winski has served the Bridgeville fire company as a fire policeman. The change from firefighter to fire policeman came about as a result of a back problem not related to fire fighting. He serves with four others in the fire police unit.
He said that state law allows up to six fire policemen in a fire department. On being asked how state law enters into it, Winski answered that fire police have certain police authority. If necessary, they can detain a person pending arrival of a police officer. Their basic duty is traffic control along with security and safety at a fire or accident scene.
His years in this capacity saw him selected as Fire Policeman of the Year at the county level several years ago.
During his years with Bridgeville he has served as ambulance captain and lieutenant. He has also held the offices of treasurer and president of the fire company. Winski currently handles a lot of computer operations.
Winski serves the Woodbridge School District as its director of administrative services (formerly special programs). For relaxation he enjoys watching baseball and NASCAR racing. His favorite activity is freshwater fishing.
"Between the fire company, work at school and family, there's not much time left," he said.

Baldwin continued, "She is a very talented and creative writer. She is a delightful student and a real joy and pleasure to have in class."
Dusti's awards are entitled: Academic Challenge Program Algebra II Award 1998-1999 and Academic Challenge Program Writing Skills II Award, 1998 - 1999. Her math teacher was Dr. Sharon Adams.