Greenwood Events
Thursday, July 26th, 2001

Administration sets up shop in elementary school

By Julleanna Outten

Due to a rapid increase of enrollment in the Woodbridge School District in recent years, the central office of the Woodbridge School District has been moved. In 2000, enrollment increased by 125 students in the elementary school in Greenwood, making the district second in Delaware for percentage growth rate last year. To ease overcrowding in the elementary school, the school board decided to move the first grade to the Early Childhood Education Center in Bridgeville.
The school board then had to decide whether to move the kindergarten classes into modular buildings or to move the central office, which was also in the ECEC. The board decided to move the central office and to put kindergarten classes in the old office space. In September, first grade classes will begin meeting in the side of the building that kindergarten classes used to use. On June 14 and 15, the central offices were moved into two modular units behind Woodbridge Elementary School in Greenwood.

Dr. Kevin Carson, superintendent of the Woodbridge School District, said that the offices will likely remain in the modulars for the next three years. He said the new offices are operational, but are a challenge when it comes to privacy. There are several people in one room with few dividers, so it is difficult to have a private discussion over personnel issues and other matters. A total of 13 people had to move from the ECEC building to the new offices in Greenwood; 11 of those were central office people.

Carson said that moving a grade out of the elementary school will help to create much-needed space. Though enrollment for the upcoming school year is not yet known, if the trend of past years continues, enrollment will increase, he said. "We're very full, and that's a good problem," Carson said. As far as staffing is concerned, Carson remarked on the good applicant pool that the district has for the elementary grades. But like many other school districts, it is struggling to find qualified secondary staff.
The move of the central office is a good sign that the school district is growing and things are being done to see that everyone is accommodated in the best way possible, Carson said.

Library selling Jack Lewis book

The Seaford library is selling items to benefit the library. Artist Jack Lewis, a resident of Bridgeville for more than 40 years, recently published a collection of his paintings entitled "A Brush With Fate." The book features many Delmarva landscapes. A handful of autographed copies are available for $60, $10 of which will be donated to the library.
Replicas of the library by Hometown Collectibles are also available. The price is $15 . The Seaford District Library is located at 402 Porter St. For details, call 629-25242.