Delmar Events
Thursday, July 20th, 2000
Biotechnology in agriculture

Delmar agriculture teacher, Garland Hayward recently joined Lake Forest ag teacher Donald Bullock in learning how to integrate new techniques in biotechnology in the agri-science classroom.
The teachers compared genetically engineered soybeans with traditionally bred varieties in an analysis of a reduction in herbicide use. The five-day workshops were part of Delaware"s Summer 2000 statewide Agri-Science Teachers' Conference.
Laurel's Fourth of July Seed Spitting Contest
Delmar mayors come out to show their stuff at the Laurel's Fourth of July watermelon seed spitting contest. In the photos, Delmar, Del., mayor John McDonnell and Laurel mayor Terry Whaley watch the technique of Delmar, Md., mayor Doug Niblett. Then, McDonnell tries it himself.