Delmar Events
Thursday, July 12th, 2001
Library has new computer
Thanks to the support of many folks in the Delmar area the Friends of the Delmar Library have had a very successful fund-raising year. The group recently purchased a new computer, Microsoft Office 2000 Professional software and a new HP printer for use by anyone who visits the library. This computer is not connected to the Internet but is for use by anyone who wants to use word processing for such projects as writing letters, short stories, reports, resumés, diaries, etc. The software also includes Microsoft Excel 2000 that can be used to create spreadsheets and construct budgets on databases. Projects can be printed on the new HP printer. Diagrams and artwork can be created using Microsoft Paint. The library will be glad to provide help and supply visitors with disks on which to save their work.

Bi-Staters' Coffee Talk Sharon Cordrey

Diana and Stanley Baker, Charlotte and Norris Melvin and Peggy and Donald Morris from Delmar spent a pleasant day last week at Cape May, traveling by way of the Cape May-Lewes Ferry. They toured many of the beautiful Victorian homes and gardens.

Connie Whaley has returned home after spending a month with family and friends in Ohio.

Norman and Elaine Carr had a surprise visitor recently. Long-time friend Jean Calhoun of Los Tiempos, Calif., stopped by to say "hello" and the girl talk continued until 5:30 a.m. — yawn! They also had visitors from Savannah, Ga. Elaine's cousin Sarah Spradley, husband Bruce and children Emily and Mark took a detour from Washington, D.C., for an overnight visit. They enjoyed their first home-cooked meal in a week, were amazed at "all those chickens" and the children made friends with the various pets in the Carr family. Sarah was sure the farm visit would be the highlight of 11-year-old Mark's trip, with Washington Zoo's pandas a distant second. Isn't that a little like giving a child a wonderful toy and they end up playing with the box? Or, is it affirmation of the delight in the simple things in life?

Owen Horten has just returned from a month's vacation. He started with his son, Owen Jr. traveling to Ocean City for a few days and from there went to Edgewater and Silver Springs, Md. Leaving his son, Owen caught a Greyhound bus to travel to Cresson, Pa., where he stayed a few days with his brother and met up with his other son, Marty. They traveled to LaGrange, Ohio, for their yearly family reunion.

Their reunions used to be held at state parks, but for the last 18 years it has been held at a private park called "Talmadge Park." This isn't an everyday family reunion. This is a huge reunion. There were 17 children in Owen's family (nine boys and seven girls), all from the same parents, and 14 children are still living. They were all born in Cresson, Pa., at home with only the help of a midwife. His parents passed away about 20 years ago, but the tradition still lives on. There are a president, secretary, treasurer and a child-care committee to organize these reunions. The child-care committee organizes all the games and recreation for all ages. His eldest sister, Kay had 12 children. Besides having nieces and nephews, Owen has 122 great nieces and nephews and two grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Owen's name has been carried on down through his son, Owen Jr., who named his son Owen III, and Owen III named his son Owen IV. That's quite a tradition and an honor for Owen Sr. When Owen's mother was still living, she had 72 grandchildren and since then there have been more. There were 176 people who attended the reunion. They traveled from Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. One of his sisters always has a beautiful cake made with everyone's name written on it; the cake measures 3 feet by 2 feet and is 2 inches thick. Another sister buys donuts for everyone to eat with their coffee in the morning. The family plays a 9-inning softball game before dinner. At 6 p.m., they all sit down and enjoy the different covered dishes that everyone brings. Owen, being the oldest, always says the blessing, thanking God that they all are able to be there. A lot of his family enjoys golf and play in some of the pro tournaments. Owen loves golf, but since his injury to his shoulder, he enjoys helping the younger ones pick out their clubs and giving pointers. After leaving the reunion, he and Marty stayed a few days in Cresson, Pa., then traveled to Marty's house in Rockville, Md., and back to Brookhaven, Pa., to visit an old Navy buddy. Now he's back home, thinking about his next adventure. When Owen was telling me about his family reunion, it was so breathtaking - I really enjoyed listening to him about his family and all the activities they do at their gatherings. His family has stayed very close throughout the years.

Thought for the week: If you've never known the love of an animal, there's a window in your soul that hasn't been opened.