Delmar Events
Thursday, July 6th, 2000
Delmar featured in book
By April Durham

The town of Delmar, Md., and Del., were highlighted recently in the book, 'Maryland's 157 incorporated cities and towns.' Sponsored and funded by the Maryland Municipal League of Annapolis, Md., the project will primarily serve as an educational resource for citizens and especially students, according to Linda Burrell, manger of member relations and education at the Maryland Municipal League.

The book, which was started a little over two years ago, will be placed in the every public and every private school library recognized by the state beginning with the new school year. Formally presented at the State House during a reception on May 5, the book was made available on June 12.

The cost was just over $100,000 for a 5,000-book distribution. Each town and city in Maryland was given a 2-page full color spread and encouraged to tell the town's story.
In one of Delmar's pictures, the Delmar mayors shake hands while standing on different sides of the road on State Street - one in Maryland and the other in Delaware. "We gave each city and town the opportunity to tell their story in their words," said Burrell. "We provided them with samples of articles that they might want to write and we gave them ideas for photos."

"This is the first the league has taken on a project of this size," said Burrell. "This is the first book that we have ever endeavored to publish. It was a huge project. It was 340 pages full color. The book provides the reader with information about structure and the nature of Maryland's municipal government."

Burrell added that aside from gaining an accurate portrayal of Maryland municipal governments, the reader should have a greater appreciation for the cities and towns that make up the state.

To purchase a copy of the book contact the Maryland Municipal League at 800- 492-7121. Books are $35 plus shipping.