Thursday, May 17th, 2001
Council approves agreement
Sussex County Council has approved an agreement between Sussex County Emergency Medical Services, Beebe Medical Center, and Nanticoke Memorial Hospital that provides paramedics clinical training opportunities at those hospitals. The program will ensure that the skills of the paramedics remain high, especially in those skills that are used only occasionally in the field. The agreement will also allow for the introduction of new and innovative treatment procedures as well as reducing training costs by offering the training locally. Another key benefit to the agreement, according to Sussex County EMS director Glenn Luedtke, is the opportunity for physicians and nurses at both hospitals to work closely with paramedics, and to strengthen the relationship between these health care professionals.

Online courses for healthcare
Delaware Tech, Georgetown, is offering online courses for medical transcriptionists and administrative medical specialists this summer. For details, call Corporate and Community Programs, 854-6966.