Delmar Events
Thursday, May 17th, 2001
Bi-Staters' Coffee Talk Sharon Cordrey 846-3396
Happy birthday to Beatrice White, who celebrated her 94th birthday Wednesday, May 9. She has just moved from Salisbury to Delmar and is living at the Heartland Adult Care Home. Happy birthday to Frank Perdue who celebrated his 81st birthday, May 9. My husband and I were in Pizza Palace in Laurel when Frank was celebrating his birthday with friends there.
Leonard Reid from Delmar traveled to Hagerstown, Md., to begin his journey on the Appalachian Trail. He will start at the Harper's Ferry and end his walk in Maine. Good luck Leonard - it's a long walk.
During spring break from college, Sarah Adams, the manager of Cookie Bouquet, and her daughter Caitlyn traveled to Pensacola, Fla., to see Sarah's fiancˇ, Bryan Phillips, who is stationed in the Navy there.
My husband Mike and I were on vacation last week. We went to Kelley Medford's wedding in the foothills of Tennessee. This wedding was something you would read about in magazines. The wedding took place in a "holler," also known as a hollow. What is a holler? Well, it's a place that is located in the mountains, but situated down in a small valley surrounded by trees. We had to walk about a half mile down a graveled lane to reach this. The seats for the guests were straw bales covered with sheets. The bride, wearing a long white wedding dress, and her party walked barefoot down the aisle. There was a quartet that consisted of violins, a guitar and a bass. During the ceremony, a flute, bongo drums and cymbals were played. There were some members of the Cherokee tribe who attended. Some guests even camped out. The reception was held in what use to be a one-room schoolhouse that has been converted over to a community hall. It was very unique and beautiful wedding.
We attended another wedding Saturday, May 12, in Easton, Md., of Jason Orrell and Kristina Golt. This was another beautiful wedding which took place at St. Mark's United Methodist Church. The reception was held at the Elks Lodge, also in Easton. The couple is traveling to Hawaii for their honeymoon.
Sympathy goes out to Leon Brown of Seaford in the death of his wife, Judy.
Several people from the Delmar/Laurel area traveled with the AARP group to Hagley Museum and the Nemours Mansion and Gardens in Wilmington Wednesday, May 9.
From left are Sara Bynum King, Assistant Town Manager; Laurel Town Councilman, Richard Banks; and Roberta Glenn, Delmar Town Manager.
Funds will help Delmar Town Hall comply with federal requirements
Gov. Parris N. Glendening recently informed town of Delmar officials that their request for funding through the community Development Block Grant (CDBG) has been approved. These funds ($51,268) will assist the town in making town hall accessible to people with disabilities. The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), through the Division of Neighborhood Revitalization, administers the funding for such grants. The staff at DHCD is preparing the grant agreement that will allow the town to move forward with improvements that will finally make the town hall compliant with the American Disabilities Act. Roberta Glenn, town manager, stated that she believes Dick Banks from the Laurel Town Council was instrumental in bringing about the approval of this request. Banks visited the Delmar Town Hall and assisted with making a video that brought to light the many obstacles in the building. This video accompanied the request for money. The town hopes that the release of funds will soon follow an environmental review and work might begin by mid-summer. Doors and entrances will be altered to meet proper clearance and width specifications and ramps will be installed. Rest rooms and fountains will be accessible to all, and the parking lot will be paved to enable those with wheelchairs and other accessories to maneuver to the building with ease.