Delmar Events
Thursday, April 20th, 2000
Town reps discuss US 13 with DelDOT
By April Durham
On Tuesday, April 11, local residents, town officials and representatives of the Delaware Department of Transportation came together to discuss US 13 and property along the roadway. DelDOT representative Dave DuPlessis discussed the role of working groups which are formed in towns to encourage conceptual plans for development along the highway.
At the meeting, citizens brought up numerous concerns.
One of the first was about access to Delaware 54 from US 13.
"Our primary concern was the left turns on 54," DuPlessis said. "The right turns in and the right turns out are not as much of a problem but with only 800 feet between the 54 and 13 intersection and the Stage Road intersection, allowing left turns in there just didn't fit with the overall development plan."
One citizen addressed the fact that he had written letters to DelDOT and that they were never answered.
One property owner, who said that his property fronts 1,400 feet on the highway, complained that he is being allowed only to put in a temporary entrance. He wondered who will buy the property under those circumstances.
Even when promised that permission for an entrance was forthcoming, that permission was later retracted, he added.
Later that night, DelDOT representatives, residents and town officials split off in two groups. With color markers, everyone was given the opportunity to mark in their proposals on a large map for DelDOT review.
At the end of the session, everyone agreed that the next meeting would be in one month's time.
By the end of the night, Hans Medlarz, Delmar's traffic consultant, said that he and Roberta Nielson, the town manager, would come back to the next meeting with a list of local street pressure points or potential pressure points.
DuPlessis agreed to arrive at the meeting armed with some good concepts for US 13 and local business owners properties.