Seaford man is arrested following shooting spree. Two killed, four injured in western Sussex-Salisbury rampage.

By Ronald MacArthur

A shooting spree on April 7 that started in Laurel at Carvel Gardens and ended in Salisbury left two people dead and four hospitalized. After a tense hour, that included school lock downs in the area, Wicomico County sheriffs arrested Allison Lamont Norman, 22, of Seaford in Salisbury after he allegedly ran out of ammunition. He has been charged with various crimes in both states including first-degree murder and wearing body armor during the commission of a felony. With the shooting spree still under investigation, police have not released a motive. “Detectives are exploring several possible motives, including the possibility that the shootings were done randomly,” said Cpl. Jeffry C. Oldham, a Delaware State Police public information officer. The first victim was Jamel D. Weston, 24, of Laurel. Witnesses at the scene said that Weston was shot as he walked outside of the apartment complex at Carvel Gardens. He was shot and fell on a nearby car before hitting the ground. Marcus Cannon, 18, was shot as he walked toward an apartment. He was wounded in the arm and transported to Nanticoke Memorial Hospital and treated and released. Both men had just walked young children to a nearby bus stop. Residents in the apartment complex were shocked as they crowded around the crime scene. “There is no reason for this. Jamel was a good man,” said one resident as she tried to comfort family and friends of the victim. Laurel and Delaware State Police received calls around 8:14 a.m. about two shooting incidents in Laurel. Officers from the Laurel Police Department and Delaware State Police arrived on the scene within four minutes. In all, more than 20 police responded to Carvel Gardens. They secured the crime scene for the arrival of the State Criminalistics Unit. Police said that within 15 minutes of the first shooting, Norman stole a 2003 black Ford Focus out of the Carvel Gardens parking lot and drove east on Discountland Road. In the parking lot, he allegedly shot Anthony White, 45, of Seaford who had dropped off his car at Bob’s Speed Shop in the shopping center. Police said that Norman pulled up to White and asked him if he needed a ride. According to police, he then took out the handgun and shot White in the stomach and leg and drove off. White dragged himself across the parking lot where police and paramedics arrived after receiving the 911 call. White was transported by helicopter to Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) in Salisbury. He was admitted in stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery. Police also said that Norman had his daughter with him at some point around the first shooting. She was eventually dropped off at school, but police aren’t sure when and how that happened. Cpl. Oldham said that Norman then headed south toward Delmar. In the town, he allegedly fired a shot at a Delmar municipal worker driving a trash truck. Police said that the shot missed the driver but shattered a window and lodged in the living room wall of a house at 606 State St. Oldham said that he then headed south toward Salisbury. “Once it was determined that the suspect was traveling south, Maryland authorities were informed that he was traveling toward their jurisdiction,” he said. He added that based on information that he may be en route to a school and that one of the shootings took place in the vicinity of a school, authorities issued an order to lock down schools in the Laurel, Delmar and Seaford school districts. They were locked down until around 11:30 a.m. During that time period, no was allowed in or out of the school with all doors locked.
While in Salisbury, in a matter of 15-20 minutes, Norman allegedly fired shots at a van on Jersey Road and then allegedly fired shots into vehicles along Adventist Drive. One of those shots hit Marsha Henderson, who lives on Queen Street in Salisbury. She was treated and released at PRMC. Police said that on Nokomis Drive, he dropped off the stolen Ford Focus and took off on foot, firing shots at homes on the street. He allegedly shot two pit bulls, killing one, and took a third pit bull with him, according to police. DaVondale Peters, 28, was on his way home in a Chevrolet Suburban after dropping off his stepdaughter at preschool when he was allegedly assaulted by Norman. He put the dog in the vehicle and forced Peters to drive away. At some point, Norman left the vehicle and allegedly shot and killed Peters. Peters had plans to become a pastor. The vehicle was still in gear and crashed into a house on Miami Avenue in Salisbury. No one was injured in the house. Back on foot, police said that he allegedly fired shots at several more vehicles and hit his sixth victim, Carla D. Green, 33, of Miami Avenue, Salisbury. She was driving a van at the time of the shooting and was hit by the bullet in the upper body. She lost control of her van which came to rest in the yard of a house on Booth Street. She was transported to PRMC and admitted in critical condition. Norman then ran from house to house in a townhouse development knocking on doors, trying to get inside. Police said that he managed to get inside an elderly couple’s home and allegedly briefly held them hostage. As sheriffs from Wicomico County closed in, Norman fled on foot from the home and was eventually captured a block away hiding behind a car. Police said that he may have run out of ammunition. Norman was arrested in Salisbury and is being held in the Wicomico County Detention Center. During his arraignment on Friday, where he muttered obscenities at the judge, Judge R. Scott Davis denied him bail calling him a “threat to the community.” In Maryland, he has been charged with first-degree murder and various weapons charges. In Delaware, he has been charged with first-degree murder, two counts of attempted first-degree murder, three counts of wearing body armor during the commission of a felony, three counts of possession of a deadly weapon by a person prohibited and felony theft. Cpl. Oldham said that Norman might not be arrested on the Delaware charges until his court proceedings are complete in Maryland. Delaware State Police confirmed that a warrant had been issued on Wednesday for Norman’s arrest concerning a shooting in Delmar last October. In that incident, Norman was shot during an exchange of gunfire. His criminal record dates back to 1996 and includes assault, weapons and drug charges. He has been sentenced to prison on two occasions and spent three years behind bars. He was on probation at the time of the shooting spree. Norman’s older brother, Shane J. DeShields of Seaford, is serving a life term in prison in connection with a drug-related murder in the Coverdale Crossroads area in April, 2003.

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