Bridgeville Events
Thursday, March 22th, 2001

Bridgeville anticipates a surplus

By Ronda Frances Jefferson

The commissioners of Bridgeville met Monday, March12, and discussed many items. One of the biggest stories is that of the town's budget. The surplus is expected to total $53,906 for this year's budget. The town employees have gone through their existing budgets and adjusting them accordingly with what they have used so far this year. In many cases, employees found that they had been budgeted more than was actually needed. There were other areas that found themselves underbudgeted, and they were also adjusted. President Joe Conaway announced that the town will be able to make two payments on wastewater loans. One payment will be of $26,578, the other of $15,516. Streets commissioner Margaret Sipple announced that the state Department of Transportation will help make all sidewalks accessible to the handicapped. Also among the items discussed was the issue of handicapped parking at the fire hall during public events. There are currently no parking spaces at the fire hall for the handicapped. The commissioners are considering different options, possibly including portable parking signs so that some spots can be made into handicapped parking spaces if necessary. Conaway announced that a concern over the lack of absentee voting is being addressed. Commissioners are looking into putting procedures in place to allow absentee voting for town elections. The concern over no absentee voting was expressed during a recent town election. Citizens who were away from the town or hospitalized were unable to cast their votes. Conaway also announced that each member of the commission should look into choosing a member for a planning and zoning committee. There is an ordinance in place allowing for a five-member committee, but there are no members on the committee. Elizabeth Cornish Landing, a public housing complex, is looking into building two more buildings, or twelve additional units. Six units would have two bedrooms; the other six would have three. The housing complex is submitting a proposal to USDA rural development for funds.

Library plans ice cream social
An ice cream social will be Saturday, March 31, 1 to 3 p.m., at the Delmar Public Library, 101 North Bi-State Boulevard, Delmar, to celebrate the centennial of the Delaware Division of Libraries. Entertainment will be by a barbershop quartet, The Dockers, and a hooked rug will be raffled.