Thursday, March 3rd, 2001
Nanticoke Health Services Bingo
The Employee Activity Committee of Nanticoke Health Services will hold a Longaberger Basket Bingo on Thursday, March 15, starting at 7pm at the VFW, located on Middleford Road in Seaford. The evening will consist of 20 exciting games and will feature several basket combinations including the 2001 Large Easter Combos (whitewashed & stained), 2001 Small Easter Combos (whitewashed & stained) and several regular line baskets as prizes. Advance tickets are $20 per person, $25 at the door, which includes a chance to win the Hostess Large Hamper and Hostess File basket. Nearly 30 chances to WIN! Refreshments will be provided. For ticket information contact the EAC at 629-6611, ext. 2420.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week
Normally, you are not even aware of your breathing. But then you begin experiencing shortness of breath with activities that you normally could perform without any problem breathing. You may have begun to get more colds over the last couple years. You know you do not really exercise and always knew you should. Maybe you have had more sputum and more chest tightness in the last year. All these symptoms could mean that you are suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Emphysema and bronchitis are a slow long process in developing. These diseases actually began long ago but may be just starting to cause you symptoms. March 11-17 is National Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week. The theme for this week is "Breathing for the Future." Pulmonary Rehabilitation is an outpatient program available at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital. The program consists of monitored exercise and education. When an individual does something that makes them short of breath, they quit doing it. Exercise helps with shortness of breath by increasing endurance to enable someone to walk farther, do more, and stay in control of their breathing. Education is taught on a variety of topics, such as, how to breathe, how the lungs work, how to use an inhaler, the effects of the disease and medications. If you feel you or your loved one may benefit from such a program and want to ensure breathing for the future, talk to your physician or call, 629-6611, ext. 2636. When one cannot breathe, nothing else matters.

Depression support group meeting
The Sussex County DRADA (Depression and Related Affective Disorders Association) support group meets on the third Thursday of each month from 6:30-8 p.m. This month it will be March 15. There is no charge to attend. For location and further information, call 629-0619. DRADA works in cooperation with the department of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to ensure medically accurate materials for the group.

Red Cross offers course March 26
The American Red Cross of the Delmarva Peninsula will be offering courses designed to help keep families safer. Pre-registration is required and can be made by calling the Red Cross Southern Delaware Office, 1-800-777-6620. A First Aid Basics Course will be held Monday, March 26, from 5-9 p.m., at St. John's Methodist Church, 300 Pine St., Seaford. Fee $25.

Support Group meets March 13
The Sussex Fibromyalgia Support Group will hold its monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 13, at 7 p.m. at the Methodist Manor House, Wesley Wellness Center, Seaford. Dr. Eleanor Stump from Delmar will present a program on "Benefits of Yoga." Friends and relatives are welcome. For more information, call Jonathan Souder at 629-4593.