Bob Boyd purchases PNC Bank building

by Annette C. Silva

"Seasoned truckers never stop; they just keep on networking." This invented adage summarizes Bob Boyd's journey via trucking and construction to his destination as company founder of Regional Builders Inc (RBI) of Seaford. Boyd attributes his current company's success to his working travels through the interconnecting highways of transportation and commercial building. "We're the best kept secret around," Boyd said of his multi-capacity general contracting company that designs and manages construction of pre-engineered steel buildings, many of which are national LTL truck terminals. Now located on the Bridgeville Highway in the western end of Lomar's Office Supply building (which his company built), RBI will move March 2 to the center of town to inhabit the former PNC Bank building. "We'll be much more visible downtown," Boyd said. A native Delawarean born in Milford, Boyd retired six years ago as director of environmental construction at Preston Trucking Company. Before Preston he worked in the construction industry with his dad and attended Goldie Beacon College where he studied business accounting. Now in his 60s, Boyd has experience in three vital commercial areas: transportation, construction and environmental consulting. With all that know-how, why would one retire and hang it up? Boyd asked himself the same question. "My initial vision was to develop a little business and have some free time to play more golf." So he started RBI on Hall Street "with one guy and one secretary," Boyd said. His panorama expanded to 12 employees at RBI and 6 in his separate but compatible business, BP Environmental, Inc. (BPE). He has a partner, Lou Ann Parson, who is president of BPE. "I've known Lou Ann for years; she worked with me at Preston," he said. Now Boyd handles multimillion dollar building projects in several east coast and mid-west states, "I have no free time; I travel all the time and I don't play much golf," Boyd said. But that's okay because he likes what he does and he loves being part of the action. "I've always assumed additional responsibility in my work. At Preston, I ended up managing the entire recap operation."

What is key in his current endeavor is Boyd's talent for building networks of colleagues and contacts across a national grid of major transportation players and contractors. This professional grid paved the way to building a new business as regional representative and project manager for Ceco Building Systems. Ceco, to put it simply, manufactures pre-engineered steel frame buildings with ribbed wall and roof panels made of Galvalume (a zinc-aluminum coat that covers a steel substrate). A Ceco building can be relatively small, like the Lomar Office Supplies building-or the size of an airplane hangar. "Since becoming a Ceco builder, RBI has built hangars, commercial offices, light industrial warehouses and a gymnasium for its local market," says a feature in the Summer 1999 issue of Ceco News. Boyd said only the RBI part of its operations are moving uptown. BPE will stay at 503 Bridgeville Highway (next door to the Party Corner). Boyd and his RBI colleagues are in the process of preparing and decorating office space for the move to the two-story former PNC building. They decided to preserve the teller windows as fronts for separate offices with the reception area in the lobby. The alliance between RBI and BP Environmental, Inc. (a consulting company with experience in local, state and federal environmental regulations) appeals to busy customers, says Boyd. "We basically protect our clients and help them resolve OSHA, DNREC and other agency issues effectively." Another example of Boyd's experience and innovation springing from his years in the transportation industry is RBI's patented modular relocatable dock system called "Kwik Dock." This operation is an adjunct to the company's Dock Door and Leveler Division which supports the transportation industry with maintenance for warehouse and shipping terminals. Ninety percent of RBI's business is with major trucking companies. While illustrating design plans for their new office space (and pointing out a rolled-up carpet in the corner of one of their current offices), Boyd said they are looking forward to bringing RBI to the center of town.

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