Delmar Events
Thursday, February 10th, 1999
Snow does not help State Street
By Faith Melvin
The road construction on State Street is a headache for most of the town, but for at least two people the headache became a migraine with the winter weather.
The problem has been ongoing and is a source of major complaints with the town residents. The State Street renovations have been going on for a few months and Mother Nature is not helping the matter.
State Street is under construction and the road was closed to most traffic. However, with the loss of traffic, the local businesses in that area suffered losses. Approximately 30 to 40 percent of business has been lost to that area because of the construction. In an effort to help these businesses during this trying time, the town opened the road to car traffic only. Trucks are still detoured to avoid State Street.
The snow storm hit and in an effort to help the town dig out, the Maryland Highway Division plowed the street. This made the road worse and the town asked that no more plowing be allowed on the street. According to the town, at 4:20 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 25, the road crews plowed the road again, reportedly knocking off two manhole covers. Two travelers, on their way to work, got stuck in these holes and did considerable damage to their cars.
The town has been trying to act as a liaison between the Maryland Highway Department and the two individuals. Since the accident was not the town's fault, it is not financially responsible. However, recognizing the inconvenience the project has caused, the town felt an obligation to help the residents.
Roberta Glenn, town manager, said that the process is a difficult one and that she will continue to act as a liaison for the residents.
There is some controversy on the part of the Maryland Highway Department as to whether those roads were plowed. The town maintains that they were definitely plowed.
The plow was seen on the street by several people.
Because of the recent manhole incidents and the damage the weather has done to the road, State Street was closed to all traffic starting Tuesday, Feb. 1. Alternate routes through town are provided.
The town realizes that this is a huge inconvenience, but is necessary for the completion of the road.
The State Street project is expected to be finished before March.