Greenwood Events
Thursday, February 8th, 2001

Child Safety Week Bridgeville
BThe Bridgeville Police Dept. is joining the Safety Week effort. A nationwide survey found that 13 percent of Americans who regularly drive children ages 12 and under admit they don't always restrain their child passengers. Three out of four know it's wrong, but violate this law anyway. The Bridgeville Police Dept. has declared zero tolerance for unbuckled children. In order to increase awareness the Bridgeville Police Dept. will be conducting Child Restraint Patrols during the week of Feb. 11 - 17.

Woodbridge Student Recognition Night
Students at the Woodbridge Elementary, Middle, and High Schools will be recognized for achievements during the first semester of the 2000-2001 school year. The program will be held in the Woodbridge Middle/High School auditorium at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 15. The first Student Recognition Night was held in May of 1997. The district has established holding the event twice during the school year. The first program is held at the end of the first semester, and the second is held near the conclusion of the school year. These programs provide the district with the opportunity to focus on the many positive contributions of our students and staff.

VFW Post 7478 site of after-school program
Fifty students from the Woodbridge Elementary School are participating in a YMCA Leaders Club program that meets each Thursday from 3-5:30 p.m. at the Greenwood VFW Post 7478 building located several blocks from the school on Governors Avenue. The project is a cooperative effort between the Woodbridge Elementary School, the YMCA Delaware Resource Center, and the VFW Post 7478. The parents' permission is necessary for the student in the weekly after-school YMCA Leaders Club designed to give youth opportunities to develop and improve leadership skills. The students have the opportunity to complete homework, eat a nutritious snack along with participating in the leadership activities. Kamillah Lewis and Pam Remus from the YMCA and Alberta Smith from the Woodbridge Elementary School lead the participants through the various activities. The students are trained through a nationally recognized life skills and drug prevention education program called "Life Skills Training." Some of the topics discussed are making decisions, self-esteem, the effects of alcohol, tobacco, and drug use, and dealing with stress. Club members plan and participate in community projects throughout the year. The YMCA Leaders Club will meet each Thursday until the school year ends. Greenwood VFW Post 7478 is also involved with other youth groups such as the Girl and Boy Scouts.