Delmar Events
Thursday, February 8th, 2001
Delmar Sports Scene

By Tommy Young

With only five more games to play in their 2001 basketball season (beginning Tuesday night, February 6), the Wildcats' hoop teams will have to win at least two of these games to give them any shot at the playoffs. Fortunately, they are all games with teams in their own division, so this should give them a good chance of accomplishing this goal. In last week's action, while they did hurt their chances in the play off race, the results could have been better as they both came away with a win and a loss. The boys blew another fourth period lead, for the third time this year, and dropped a 49-47 decision to Milford Tuesday evening. The "Cats" foul shooting kept them in the game the first half, but went sour in the final period when it could have won the game for them. But there was another factor that figured in this loss, and that was when Mike Hunt, who had done a great job under the boards all night, was taken out in the last five minutes of the game, and Milford took over control of the boards and the game. It didn't seem like a bad move at the time because, with a ten point lead, you would think that this was the best time to play your best five ball handlers, but it sort of backfired as we were only able to score six points in the fourth quarter. When we tried to slow down the pace, we were unable to get any rebounds under either basket while the visitors were getting many extra shots every time they came down the floor. But, like any good coach and team, they did not let one bad game bother them as they bounced back Thursday night by trouncing Poly Tech 68-36 and looked like the team that had been giving those other Division I schools a tough time all year. The girls played in similar fashion as they came from behind Tuesday night over at Milford to win their game 40-39 in the final seconds of the game. Then, after playing one of their best game of the season, they returned home Friday night to play one of their worst game as they seemed out of sync all night.

It was not only the poor passing and shooting, but they didn't seem to have the pep and spirit they usually play with. They are a borderline team right not as far as the playoffs are concerned, and these last five games will decide whether they go or pack it in. So let's get it together, girls. The wrestling team ran up against two tough opponents last week in Milford and Poly Tech and took a double dip in the loss column. But they showed up and gave 100 percent, and that is all you can ask for a program that is trying to get back on track again. Zack Thompson, Lawrence Sinagra, and the Moorefield brothers continue to be the backbone of this team as they do most of the scoring for the Wildcats; however, you cannot overlook the efforts of the coaches and the rest of the team who continue to spend many hours of practice trying to improve their skills. There is a good effort being put forth her; I only hope it will continue because it will pay off in the end.
ASSISTS AND ERRORS Congratulations to David Hearn and four of his Delmar High football team. Ian Hudson, Dustin Johnson, Lamar Stewart, and Mike Hunt, for being selected to the 2000 Mason-Dixon all Star team. David was also named Coach of the Year and Dustin Johnson Player of the Year. I certainly agree with all of the above selections, but felt that one more Wildcat should have made this team, and that was Lawrence Sinagra, who had an outstanding year at his linebacker position and was one of the key players on the DHS defensive unit that played such a big part in Delmar's success this season. But they did not see him play all year, and I imagine that four was Delmar's quota for this squad. I don't know whether you can handle this or not, but Delmar now has its own "Rocky III." Yes, Philip and Doris Banks became the proud grandparents of a bouncing baby boy last week. I hope that he takes after his dad or Doris because if "Rocky" has anything to do with it, I know the first present the kid will get will be a football or a rabbit dog.