Delmar Events
Thursday, January 27th, 1999
Paramedics are added to DVFD
The Delmar Fire Department recently began offering full-time paid paramedic service to the citizens of Delmar.
In September 1999 a committee was appointed by then president Jack Morris Sr. to look at the feasibility and cost effectiveness of having around the clock paramedics in the station. The department had been served well by its volunteer paramedics and by the paramedic services offered by the Sussex County chase units.
It was determined by the committee that with the current and proposed growth of both the town and surrounding area, and the increased number of calls run by the Delmar ambulances, the time had come to have paid 24-hour coverage.
Two paramedics are on duty from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, a time when most department volunteers are at work. The idea behind this is that the new program allows available firefighters to staff the fire apparatus on accident calls and structure fires rather than being committed to the ambulance.
At night when more volunteers are available, having an E.M.S./firefighter on the ambulance with a single paramedic is not as much of a drain on manpower.
Joining 10-year veteran employee Shari Naugle and Jill Walbert are 10-year Delmar volunteer Carolyn Walson, 5-year volunteer Karen Ammons and Delmar newcomer Frank Melson.