Delmar Events
Thursday, January 18th, 2001
Delmar Sports Scene

By Tommy Young

By the time you have read this, the Delmar High basketball season will be half over, and so far the boys' teams are enjoying their best start in years. Their record is 7-2 as of last Friday; they seemed to have fallen in love with their new gym as they have won four of their five home contests. I am sure the home crowd support has played a big part in their success as they have played before a full house every night. Their only losses have been to Smyrna, a team they should have beaten, and Cape Henlopen, a pretty good Division I school whom they played tough; in fact, the score was tied at 40-40 at the end of the third period, but costly fouls and poor backboard play did them in during the final period. However, earlier in the week they defeated Laurel by 30 points, the largest margin of victory I can remember of a Delmar basketball team defeating a Laurel team. Ian Hudson has been the scoring leader on this team, averaging over 20 points a game, but it has been a team effort with him getting a lot of help from his teammates, most of who were members of the 2000 Delmar Championship football team. If you have noticed in the last two games, they have been playing with only 11 players because Lance Culver broke a bone in his lower leg and is expected to be lost for the season. The toughest part of their schedule will be coming up these next two weeks as they play four Division I teams in a row, but this team is good enough to beat any team in the conference on a given night, so get out and give them the encouragement they need. And how about the JV team who is playing .500 ball and are really the best Wildcat JV team I have seen in Delmar in years. They have been a little weak at the foul line; it cost them the Laurel game Tuesday night that they lost in overtime, but they bounced back and defeated Cape Henlopen Friday night. There is a lot of talent on this team, and it should show up in the varsity competition in the coming years. They are fun to watch because they are scrappy and have a lot of hustle which makes it worthwhile to get out on game night a little early. Coach McGinnis' girls also had a .500 week as they defeated Laurel on Tuesday, but lost over at Cape Henlopen Thursday night. However, in this game, they played Cape dead even until the final quarter showing they are getting better every week. But, like the boys, they will be playing Division I teams for the next two weeks, so they will have to be at their best.

The Wildcat wrestlers were not so fortunate as they dropped both of their matches last week; however, there were a few bright spots as we won a couple of matches in the lower weight classes, which I had mentioned before, are made up of new or inexperienced wrestlers. The middle school team is also having problems winning, but it takes time to resurrect a wrestling program, and the kids and coaches are just going to have to be patient, and the result of all their hard practices and work will pay off. I have seen it happen before, and I know it can be done because somewhere in the Delmar Middle and High Schools we have the kids to make this a successful program again. The biggest positive step that the Delmar program has taken in the past couple of years is the fact that we have not had to forfeit many matches because of not having a wrestler for a weight class. This shows that the interest is there, and it's just a matter of time before the "Ws" will be replacing the "Ls." ASSISTS AND ERRORS This is for the local horsemen and followers of harness horse racing; I ran across this article in a harness horse news letter I receive monthly, and as it was something I had never heard of before, I thought it was worth passing on. On October 29, 2000 at Scarborough Downs in Maine, a 10-year old pacing gelding named Fleeting Feet won the fifth race. Nothing unusual about that except that no one bet on him to win despite the fact that he had won by five lengths just four starts back. The owner, watching from the paddock said, "Past the three quarter pole I yelled at the TV, 'Come on, Fleeter." I realized as he moved up he was 99-1 on the board and I had not bet him. He paid $362.20 to place. The next word out of my mouth was an expletive." He, too, had never heard of a horse winning a race with no winning ticket on him. Just when you think you have seen, done, and been involved in everything concerning harness racing, you have not, and this is proof positive.